The A52 RC
22. 05. 2017
The A52 RC "visited" MercedesTrophy Golf Weekend 2017

On May 20, DIM introduced the A52 residential complex on the eighth MercedesTrophy Golf Weekend 2017 golf tournament held at the GolfStream Golf Club in Kiev.

More than 100 top players took part in the competition, which is the qualifying round of the largest world championship among golfers. Now the national team of Ukraine has every chance to win the main trophy - the Nations Cup MercedesTrophy.

Participants and guests of the event had the opportunity to see a detailed layout of the A52 RC, to familiarize with visualizations of the complex and to ask all questions to our skilled managers. As a pleasant surprise from the DIM, the performance of the famous actor and musician Alexei Gorbunov was performed. A lottery certificate was issued to guarantee the flight by helicopter. The winner will be able to admire the incredible views of Kyiv in the company of a close person.

If you have not yet managed to evaluate the advantages of the residential complex A52, welcome to the sales department, which is located on the 41 Sichovyh Striltsiv str. We are happy to invite you to the meeting room, treat you to aromatic coffee and offer all the necessary information.

Useful information about the A52 RC you can find on the site or call: 044 500 52 52


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