Artesian water in every apartment of Autograph RC! - фото 1
21. 06. 2017
Artesian water in every apartment of Autograph RC!

In the Autograph residential complex of the DIM group of companies, will be available drinking water from the underground horizon of the Jurassic period, which lies at a depth of more than 240 m. Artesian water will be extracted from its own well and supplied to each apartment in addition to the traditional water supply network.

To date, the group of companies DIM has received a hydrogeological conclusion, which allows the information of the artesian well in Autograph RC. In order to increase the water drainage and provide the necessary pressure, the installation of the deep pump Pedrollo (Italy) and additional pump stations of the first and second lift with pumps Willo (Germany) is provided in the system. This guarantees a reliable uninterrupted supply of drinking water to apartments on all floors of each home.

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